Alyssa Julya Smith

I’ve lived in multiple coastline communities over the last five years. It’s been an ideal living experience. The buildings are always clean and the company is very responsive if I need anything. The units are also beautiful.

Carra Pearl

Extremely pleasant experience. Apartments are extremely well maintained, clean, and fully renovated. Management is super responsive to any and all needs and goes above and beyond any landlord I have ever had. Truly feels like home.

Ashley Rankich

Lived here for 2 years, anytime I’ve had an issue they’ve fixed it immediately. They’re always able to accommodate any inconvenience I have. Move in was super easy and they got me into an apartment very quickly. I highly reccommend coastline.

Ashley Rankich

I absolutely adore the Hollywood property. It’s not often you find a gorgeous place with a kind and professional staff. The amenities are great. Maintenance is even better. There’s also an adorable and peaceful coffee room i go to quite often to read. Im so happy i found this place.

Zoe Virant

Have had a wonderful experience with this company! Great service when needed--always prompt, professional, and kind. Very clean building with attention to detail. I highly recommend!

Alyssa Meyer

I have lived with coastline since 2019 they’re so attentive and helpful even through the pandemic. This place is great I love it here I don’t think I’m ever leaving ! 10/10

Elizabeth Palmer

Wow ! Words can’t describe how easy it was working with coastline ! They had me moved in all in one week !! This place is amazing !

Harley Q

I used to visit my friend and she convinced me to move in going on my second year here in Hollywood best decision ever !

Gabby Elysa

Can’t help but explain how great this place is !!!! The views from my balcony are great and I hardly ever have an issue. Peaceful community with great staff