Property Management Services

Coastline offers our fee-based property management services to all owners seeking to achieve a property’s highest potential. We provide traditional real estate investors the ability, access and competitive advantages of larger, institutional companies without sacrificing personal service. Coastline property services are in place to unlock value for our clients while minimizing risk and owner responsibility. We are able to structure all of our services according to any community’s needs.

Performance Improvement Plans

Coastline creates an in-depth Performance Improvement Plan that is customized for each community and implemented immediately. This plan is developed through the inspection of the subject property, evaluation of demographic tendencies, budget overview, submarket conditions and property positioning. This plan acts as a standard for both short and long term operations.

Income Generation

Coastline strives to maximize the owner's investment by utilizing proven ways to maximize rental income and generate additional revenue. Our marketing and leasing policies are keys to sustaining cash flow, retaining residents and leading the market in knowledge and competition.

Budget Services

Attention to detail and straight-forward strategic thinking are the single most important keys to a community's success. Coastline has established diligent monitoring and support systems to ensure that the budgetary goals of our clients are attained or exceeded.

Innovative Software

After extensive research and hands on experience with other software programs, Coastline selects Realpage's internet based OneSite software. This software offers comprehensive and integrated solutions to information management. OneSite includes all of the components essential to successful property and association management with an emphasis on efficiency, streamlined processes and checks, and balances.

HOA Management

Coastline understands the importance of improving and maintaining the quality of life in a community. We offer several services to homeowner association board members such as budget and community enhancement programs, financial support systems, construction management, association meeting support and updated legislative information. Each of our services enables board members to run their association efficiently and effectively while accommodating homeowners simultaneously.

Staff Training, Development, and Retention

Coastline knows that remarkable people are the most influential force we have on a community's success. Coastline strategically recruits, develops and retains passionate associates with commitment and integrity. We know our people are our greatest advantage.