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South Pasadena is a city that has a special attraction of people who are willing to relocate. This particular city is located in towards the southern Californian region. South Pasadena has a large number of apartments for people to select depending on their budgets and personal interests. In fact, living in South Pasadena offers you a great chance to experience the essence of life in California.

Now, with the recent developments, South Pasadena offers a large amount of breathtaking oceanfront properties. By contacting a property management company, you will be able to access a variety of properties including apartments to match your personal interest and the budget.

In terms of education, South Pasadena has a great variety of options. In fact, there are schools and institutes to serve the needs of students of all ages. Therefore, if you intend to move to this area, you can live with less worries pertaining to the quality of the education your kids will get. Here is a list of top rated schools for your reference.

  • Arroyo Vista Elementary School
  • South Pasadena Senior High School
  • South Pasadena Middle School
  • Monetary Hills Elementary School

Apart from that, there are various other schools, colleges and institutes to offer you the chance of top quality education.

Cost of living

Despite the fact that there are various job opportunities available in this region, the average cost of living is relatively higher than the national average. Therefore, before you move into South Pasadena, you will have to be sure about your occupation or another solid income source. Moreover, in this city, the cost of housing options is also higher than the national average. The average income of Pasadena is, however higher than many other cities across the nation; so the opportunities are there and it is a matter of reaching them. However, before you make the final decision, ask your property management company about all the viable options. You should select between living in an apartment or condo depending on the budget.

Things to do in South Pasadena

South Pasadena offers you a range of things to do. There is a large number of shopping centers, boutiques, stores, movie theaters, museums etc. for you to enjoy throughout the year. On top of all, Pasadena is the home for ever popular Rose Parade and the Rose Ball; this city is located virtually on the edge of the San Fernando Valley.

Apart from that, Pasadena has a large number of restaurants of different kinds, coffee shops, takeaway outlets and many specialty restaurants to enjoy. In simplest terms, this exciting city has something for everyone in terms of variety and price. Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French and many other dining options are available for people to enjoy. This place is also famous for mouthwatering hamburgers in the Californian region.

Before you move permanently, it is always better to rent an apartment with the help of your property management company and experience the locale (particularly the cost of living) thoroughly.