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Long Beach is an exciting place that has over 50 square miles of land. It also holds the second largest seaport in the United States, the Port of Long Beach (it is also known to be the Harbor Department). Because of the way the area is located, this area has become an exciting venue for international shipping.

Long beach is also hosts a number of parks, rapidly booming businesses, pretty lively downtown and a great level of education. Altogether, these aspects make Long Beach an exceptionally great place that has a happening lifestyle. The lively surrounding and the energetic lifestyle of this place don’t leave any residents with the moment of boredom.

Education in Long Beach

When it comes to education, Long Beach is well known for its highly diverse educational opportunities. There are a large number of schools, colleges and institutes available in the Long Beach area for students to select depending on their requirement. Here are some of the options you may look for:

  • Gant Elementary School
  • Intellectual Virtues Academy of Long Beach
  • Rogers Middle School
  • Naples Elementary School
  • Lowell Elementary School
  • Emerson Parkside Academy
  • Newcomb Academy

The cost of living in the Long Beach

Although the cost of living in Long Beach is not among the lowest, you will have the ability of getting a fair value for the buck you spend if you are a wise person with your wallet. However, the cost of living in Long Beach is is about 10 percent higher than the California average. Compared to the national average, cost of living in Long Beach is more than 45% higher. Therefore, Long Beach can be your ideal destination if you are financially secured.

When it comes to residential costs, the apartments in Lon Beach is bit less than the Los Angeles but higher than many other cities across the nation. Moreover, the cost of housing will be heavily dependent on the type of the landscape and amenities of the venue. Therefore, it is highly important to do a proper financial analysis before you move to this wonderful Californian community.

Things to do

Long Beach is an exciting place to live. There is a large variety of things to do in this place and some of them are listed below.

  • Aquarium of the Pacific This is an aquarium that consists of three galleries. These three galleries represent different regions of the Pacific Ocean; For instance Shark Lagoon offers you the chance to have a very closer look to deep-ocean predators.
  • Shoreline Village Shoreline Village is known to be a wonderful place for tourists to engage in shopping. There are electric kiosks, specialty shops with different themes and various water attractions. In fact, Shoreline Village is among the most popular attractions in Long Beach that draws a significant crowd
  • Queen Mary Since 1967 Long beach is the host for world famous Queen Mary, a WWII vessel. Learning the rich history is a one aspect and it also facilitates you to spend a night over there and even experience a Sunday Brunch in its prestigious dining room.

Before you make a permanent move to Long Beach, it is always better to experience the lifestyle in this city and make yourself prepared.