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Move Out Form


*All fields are required, please type N/A if something does not apply.

Dear Manager:

I hereby give notice that I will vacate the premises located at

This is intended as a 30-day written

The date given above is a definite vacating date. I hereby acknowledge management’s right to show the premises to prospective residents by appointment.

I understand that this move-out notice does not relieve me of any other liabilities that I may have under my present Lease/Rental Agreement. I am responsible for rent through 30 day notice and/or until the date of lease termination (lease termination date).

Reason for vacating:

Refunds/Statements of disposition will be issued to all adult occupants on the lease.

Notice of Right to a pre-move out inspection of apartment prior to vacating.

  1. Resident is hereby notified that you have the legal right to request a pre-move out inspection of you're apartment, and you have the right to be present during that inspection
  2. Upon your request, the Owner/Agent will make a pre-move out inspection of your apartment at a reasonable time, but no earlier than two weeks before the termination of the tenancy or the end of the lease date
  3. The purpose of this inspection is to allow you the opportunity to correct any deficiencies in the apartment in order to avoid deductions from the security deposit
  4. You may not make any repairs to the units that are prohibited by the rental agreement or lease.
  5. After the pre-move out inspection, the Owner/Agent will provide you with an Itemized Statement specifying the repairs or cleaning that will be the basis for any deductions to the security deposit.
  6. You may make the corrections (that are not prohibited by the rental agreement or by law) during the period following the inspection through the termination of the tenancy in order to avoid deductions from the security deposit.

Resident requests the following: (If requesting pre-move out inspection, check only one option below)

Resident's phone number to contact to arrange an inspection:

Requirement for 48-hour notice of pre-move out inspection:

I have read and reviewed the move-out requirements and my rights regarding the pre-move out inspection of my apartment.